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Presented by State Library Victoria

Mr Romanov's Garden in the Sky by: Robert Newton

The novel Mr Romanov’s Garden in The Sky by Robert Newton is a realistic however made up story. It is about a girl named Lexie who has dreamt of leaving her dull home in the commission and visit Surfers Paradise. It is set in the BEST COUNTRY!!! Ahem… Australia and is very captivating. Will Lexie fulfill her dream or will she stay in her dark grey commission with nothing but her mother?

I don’t usually read realistic novels however I feel as this book especially taught me about things that I didn’t know before. It also informed me about young kids in society and how they cope with many things happening in their lives. Although the novel is captivating for some pages I had to force myself to read the rest and when it was exciting I was a little shocked. Nonetheless if you like learning about new character traits or personalities or diving into the rabbit hole about 14 year olds this is a good novel. With that said I think that the novel could be improved but I enjoyed it for what it was.

I recommend this novel to people who enjoy realistic books.

Note – If you are sensitive to drug abuse then I don’t recommend that you read this novel.

Rating – 4/10