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Presented by State Library Victoria

My Story Bloody Tower by Valerie Wilding

My Story Bloody Tower by Valerie Wilding is an informative and interesting novel that I enjoyed immensely. It is based in 1553 – 1559 and the novel was able to describe in detail what it would have been like to live in this era. So enough with the chatter what is this little novel about? A girl named Matilda Middleton was given a book by her father who said that she must grow up to be a smart young lady. One day when Tilly is writing in her journal she notices a piece of paper that wasn’t there before but it wasn’t a piece of paper it was an envelope. But who was this letter for? Join Tilly in finding who this letter belongs to and will she ever be able to deliver it?

Alright lets get on with it… The pacing of this was good considering how small the book itself is and I really loved how Valerie Wilding added a timeline and primary sources at the end of the story. I did feel as if at times the book became boring and I’m going to be honest I could’ve stopped reading it altogether, the real events that took place in the story intrigued me. I was motivated to read this novel because I don’t know much about history in general so I thought that this book was a great place to start. I remember as a kid going to the school library I would always want to read these books but I also thought that they might be boring so I didn’t read them. Now I can gladly tell my younger self (when time machines exist a.k.a when I’ll be dead) that I have for filled their dream-but-not-dream. Anyway enough talk about fetus me… Overall I think that this book is very educational and although it has tiresome parts it also has it’s interesting times. This novel is a great start if you would like to begin the journey through humanity (also known as history).

I recommend this novel to those who enjoy being educated and informed. Also this is a great start to anyone who wants to read historical books.

Note – There are scenes of torture. Storyline is an interpretation of what life was like in the era.

Rating – 5/10