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The Tea Dragon Society by: Katie O'Neill

The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill is an authentic, aesthetically pleasing graphic novel. This graphic novel is about a young girl named Greta who explores the wonders of a creature that she has found wandering around and as she returns the mystical creature their owner she is given the chance to further explore the varmint. I read this graphic novel in the span of 15 – 30 minutes and was mesmerized. For a short graphic novel it has a great flow and the art style, colour palette and characters are so adorable. I highly recommend this graphic novel to those wanting to start reading graphic novels, it is a great starting point and the storyline is very engaging. Aside from the graphic novel being a little fast paced I enjoyed it and how delightful everything about it is. I have heard that Princess Princess Ever After is another graphic novel that Katie O’Neill has created and it is supposed to be exceptional. Overall I loved this precious, elegant, dainty and charming graphic novel, for the size it is I think that the story is very informal and enjoyable.

I recommend this graphic novel to all ages, younger audiences would probably enjoy it most when being read to. This would suit those who adore aesthetically pleasing novels (like myself) and the genre of fairy tales.

Note – Please take into consideration that the graphic novel includes homosexuallity or snippets of it.

Rating – 7/10

P.S: I read this for Free Comic Book Day today. HAPPY FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! (5th, May)

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Sounds really cool, have to check this one out!

12th May, 18