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Valentine by: Jodi McAlister

Valentine by Jodi McAlister has to be in my top 10 favourite novels (no joke). I absolutely fell in love with the book as soon as I laid eyes on it. So enough with the rambling let’s get on with it.

Four seventeen year olds (that’s a lot of numbers) are all born on the same day, all four are experiencing strange and chilling events and one is a Seelie fairy changeling swapped for a human at birth. But something is out to kill that Seelie – except that Thing doesn’t know who the Seelie is. Who will it be?

I adore this book so much and reading it was absolutely amazing, I had so much trouble trying to put it down and sometimes I couldn’t for hours. So the novel is very captivating, romantic, suspenseful, mysterious and packed with action, who wouldn’t want that? The novel beguiled me so much and I felt as if every moment that I was reading I was in a different world. When I wasn’t reading my minded itched to read or seriously thought about what could happen. Although it was stunning I found that the ending wasn’t as satisfying as I would have liked it however I am sure that Jodi’s next piece will be even better!

I passionately recommend that anyone who loves romance, suspense or even gore should read Valentine.  I am so excited to start reading the second book Ironheart!

Note – If you are easily disturbed by gore or blood I don’t advise that you read this novel.

Rating – 9/10

Happy readings!

 Jodi McAlister